Beatty Indexing- Freelance Book Indexing. Better indexes sell books! What is an index? An index is usually found at the back of a non-fiction book, and is a non-linear way for the reader to quickly find information contained in the book.

What is an indexer? An indexer is a specially trained professional, usually a freelancer, who creates an index for a book after all the revisions have been made. It involves reading and comprehending the book, and designing a “map” to the important information, while meeting the style requirements of the publisher.

Why does my book need an index? If you’ve written a non-fiction book, your work deserves a professionally-written index.

Sales, to both readers and library purchasers, often begin with a flip to the back of the book to see what is covered. A bad index, or a faulty one, will stop some purchasers in their tracks. They know that book won’t be of much use if they can’t access the information they need.

This is the short version. For more info on indexing, please see my FAQs page.