Index for Paleo Indulgences

Tammy Credicott’s book, Paleo Indulgences, is amazing. Developing delicious recipes within the constraints of the Paleo lifestyle is difficult, yet she manages it with style and creativity.

Not only is every recipe Paleo/primal compliant (and of course, gluten-free), but she also indicates which recipes are nut-free, dairy-free, egg-free and fish-free. Unfortunately, without a good index, people trying to find recipes based on allergies have to look at each individual recipe.

I solved this by creating two indexes. The allergy index is useful for anyone whose concern is cooking for a specific allergy. The other is a typical cookbook index, with the addition of allergy information in parenthesis.

Paleo Indulgences Index (pdf format)

It occurred to me that the same information I used to create the allergy index for this book would allow me to create a chart, which could make the information even more accessible to the reader. Indexing is about information design, not just indexes! Here’s the example:

Paleo Indulgences recipe chart (pdf format)