Indexing Process Overview

The client contacts me to discuss needs. What type of book, for what audience, expected length of both the book and the index, formats (paper,ebook, etc.) Most importantly, when will I receive the final proofs, and when is the index due?

The client sends me a table of contents, if available, and a chapter or two of representative text. This lets me estimate the complexity of the job, and I set a page rate- per indexable page. (Front matter, blank pages, etc. are not indexable. Depending on the book, photos may or may not be indexable.)

Once we are agreed on a page rate, we fill out a style sheet regarding the format of the index, and sign a letter of agreement. There may be a deposit required for new clients.

If there are any delays, I need to be notified immediately, so that I can modify my schedule.

Once I receive the final proofs in .pdf format, I begin work immediately, following the style sheet.

I deliver the index as a stand-alone .rtf file, which can then be incorporated into the book, just before publishing.

Once the invoice is paid, the copyright is transferred, and the index may be published.